Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jay Johnson Circuit

My attempt at Coach Jay Johnson's circuit:

12 minute warm-up so roughly 1 mile

5X:300-400 meter repeats (didn't have Garmin so unsure as to exact distance)
short jog/walk to exercise area then:
cicuit post each repeat as follows
1-20 lunges 10 wideouts
2-30sec prone bridge 30sec supine bridge
3-4X10 lateral walks
4-10 air squats 10 pushups
5-20 standing bicycle crunches 10 good mornings

10 minute cool down approximately 1200 meter. Then stretching of all major low back and leg muscles.

Felt good, tough focused running! Form seems to be improving as does speed!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Life support

Actually it would be ring supports but I'll get to that...

3 rds of 5 reps
bodywght rows
supported pistols

push press, ring support
10-1 ladder of push press with 20-15 second ring support in b/t

5 toes-to-bar w/ rings and slow controlled lowering
10 y-hyper extensions

2 reps of 20-30 second FLR on rings

After all the ring support and FLR my chest hurts bad enough for life support but luckily its just the old pecs gettin' fired up!!!

Killer workout!! Love being upside down on toes-to-bar!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

02/18/10 WOD

WOD for the day 515:
5 exercises, 5 rds from 5-1 and back 1-5
ring pushups
ring rows
med ball sit-up slam
knees to elbows

Warm-up was muscle up progressions
Cool-down pedestal routine and streching

Down to 194# and 17% bodyfat. Goal is 180-185# w/ 13% bodyfat!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


6 miles of hilly running today. Discovering it is easy to find hilly routes in Nashville. Just did ours and two other neighborhoods today and found almost as challenging hills as usual Greenway route. Finished in 1:08 today for a 11:23/mile pace, pretty good for me especially back-to-back w/ mile repeats yesterday. Rach was really good to me and let me have a cold bath and clean-up time post which should really help w/ recovery-she is the best!!!! Snack afterwards felt good too: whole grain flatbread crackers, laughing cow cheese and V8 juice!!! Now to finish some housework before I have to actually go to work-ha!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

IWT and Mile Repeats

On Sunday it was sooooo icy all the group decided not to do our long run as we did not think it safe footing. Most of them went to different Y's and did the dreadmill. I hate that machine so decided I'd just crank up the intensity on a gym(Gym Jones to be exact)workout. IWT:
10x Jerk @35#+
2 minutes KB swing @15#+
2 minutes rest
repeat 3 times w/ a 5 minute break post but 2min. of 3rd round count in so really on 3 min. break

12X Back squat@35#+
2 minutes step-ups 12inch step(1 min. ea. leg)+
2 minutes rest
Same format as above

6x(3 each side) TGU @15# KB+
15 meter bearcrawl+
15 meter walk back
3 rounds

Really good sub for a long run or at least I felt like it.

Mile repeats:
1 mile warm-up
3X1 mile repeats
.5 cool down

1st two miles at 11:11 and 3rd at 10:55 as best as I remembered to lap my Garmin.
Did not start out to do mile repeats but as I got into the run it felt like a good day to push a bit. Ice was mostly clear but did have to watch footing at some points. Might could have gone a bit faster if not for fear of footing. Overall pleased w/ times and effort.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

better late than never

I have missed updating this blog for almost a week now. Ran Tuesday for speed work and Wednesday for recovery. Then Thursday did the workout below:
"Fry Daddy"
Slasher to halo standing 35#KB 5 each side
Slasher to Halo walking 15#KB 10 each side
Walking lunge w/ OH press 15#KB 5 each sideX2

Main Workout:
6X push-press 35#+
6X pullups
2rounds then rest 3sets
6X lunge 35#(3 each side)+
10 split jumps (5 each side)
2rds. then rest 3sets

30 sec.front plank+
30sec. left plank+
30 sec. right plank
short rest
60sec. FLR

Called this Fry Daddy b/c it sho did fry daddy's legs!!HA!

Friday ran 4 miles in the snow! Felt like Rocky in Russia and kept hearing " In the Burning Hearts" playing in my head! Nothing makes you feel more like a badass than training in weather everyone else doesn't even want to be outside in!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

1/24/10 long run

Marathon training long run yesterday was 11.7 miles at 11:07/mile. A much accelerated pace compared to last weeks 9 miles at 11:23/mile. Having Matty along to help push, talk and compare w/ really helped. I was worried at one point to train w/ Matty. He seemed pretty insistant on being my "coach" and since some who have trained w/ him have ended up having issues either w/ being beat-up from the training or w/ his personality I was concerned. I really like Matty and did not want to lose him as a friend or for there to be some hidden issues in our friendship as I feel others have ended up having. So far though it has been wonderful having his support and advice. He helped me maitain pace but not overly push yesterday and really made me feel like I am on track for where I should be at this point.

I don't feel to beat-up after going the longest distance I have been since the 1/2 marathon in November, so that is good. I will have to work more on diet in the coming weeks to maintain strength but to lose approximately 15-20 pounds by the race. Losing to 180-190 will be quite a challenge in itself as I haven't been that small since I was in college! BUT I know the LORD is on my side as the run is more than just an accomplishment for me it is a way to minister to a family I love so much-the Goodsons! Rest today and then pick it back up tomorrow!